Envision's core competence has been proven by over 20 years of direct sales experience. Our strengths lie in taking financial services products to market through a diverse network of distribution channels that balance high volume and high quality customer acquisition.

360˚ Turnkey Solutions

Our strategic partnerships with Ewise, Guardrisk and Bespoke Solutions uniquely position us to offer customizable 360 turnkey solutions. Our turnkey solution includes:

  • Survey and market research
  • Research and development
  • Sales and distribution
  • Product administration
  • Collections & Customer Service
  • Post sales communication & retention
360˚ Turnkey Solutions

We market our products through the strategic use of 9 different dedicated distribution channels:

  • Outbound
  • Inbound
  • Direct sales
  • Branch Network Distribution (broker/ affinity)
  • Digital Marketing
  • E commerce
  • Retail
  • Joint Ventures
  • Acquisitions
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